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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I Now Know Why Rage is my BFF*

Last month, Alice, I was wondering why Rage was my close companion. I know why now. I'm not going to tell you why though. Some things are mine and mine alone, although I think you're smart enough to make a good guess. I had a lot of suspects to blame the presence of Rage on. I've sifted through the usuals and found the culprit. This culprit is not a person, though, but a set of circumstances, lest you worry about what I might do, given the previous things I've told you.

And as to the question of why do battle at all? I've decided to do battle. But not a face to face battle. I've tried and that fortress is too strong. I've tried siege tactics, too, and they worked for a while. Sadly, I don't have the resources to sustain them.

I'm going guerilla. I've learned a thing or two from the Volantin, you know. But I plan on flying under my own power in the process. I'd like to remain friendly, competent. But, as the good Inspector Dhar says, "It's time to slip away..."

So, wish me luck, Alice. Pray that I keep my cool, my head. And stick a candle in the window, I'm comin' home...

Mirror that lies
A mirror that lies
That couldn't be me
In the gorilla disguise

Uh this ol' hotel's all right with me
They pay the postage if you lose the key
This hotel room's gotta lot of stuff
But I do believe I've had enough

Called my baby said don't you pout
I'm packin' my bags and I'm checkin' out
Just as soon as you hang up the telephone
Stick a candle in the window I'm comin' home

Artist Jimmy Buffett
This Hotel Room
By: Steve Goodman

*Ohmigod! I can't believe you don't know what BFF stands for. I'm so sure. Best Friends Forever, silly! Chah!


Blogger Big Orange said...

harumm... Frustration (and some rage) is MY bosom buddi this year, and perhaps for similar reasons... Mebbe... I seem to remember that Thursday (tomorrow) is signiffy-can't, and I wonder if'n that has anythin' to do with this all...??

8:55 PM  

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